Brand Modi Strengthens Even as Opponents Fight for Survival

MCD exit polls are the latest indication that Indian voter can’t be taken for granted. The days of MSM narratives dictated by the Lutyens elite influencing the Junta are now clearly passé. People are now connected, practical, and know when they’re being taken for a ride. Recent election results in many states and municipal corporations reaffirmed just this.
After Congress, SP and other regional parties, the AAP is the latest to learn this lesson. After riding Anna Hazare’s popularity wave and hijacking the anti-corruption movement to propel their political ambitions, Kejriwal and company figured they didn’t have to do any hard work to come up in politics. All they had to do was to pretend to be different, and indulge in a steady stream of negative propaganda against the centre and other political parties. Only thing they didn’t realize was that people of Delhi wanted to give him a chance, to see if he was actually any different. And that a bigger change was already there, in the form of Modi.
The contrast is striking. On one side there’s Modi and his team of hardworking and efficient ministers supported at NDA ruled states which keep introducing one efficient CM after another. The latest in the list of popular NDA CMs is Yogi Adityanath, who’s making all the right moves, adding to Modi’s overall popularity.  On the other, we see Congress, with a leader who keeps vanishing on holidays after every election loss. Rahul Gandhi’s team of CMs have been equally pathetic, from Siddaramaiah to Virbhadra Singh.  Other regional parties which are trying to put up a united fight against Modi are in total shambles with a host of internal problems, without any clue or credibility required to inspire confidence in people.
While his opponents are running helter-skelter trying to figure out their next move, Modi has been relentless with systematic planning and implementation of his goals. Despite thumping electoral victories and he hasn’t taken a break in nearly three years as PM. Even as the Delhi drama unfolds, he was busy addressing his chief ministers, taking stock of the progress made and anlaysing ppt presentations from CMs on the roadmap to achieve development targets. Yes, targets and PPTs. Modi is the only political leader who works like a corporate CEO. No wonder many people across the country see him as the only hope amidst a political landscape filled with years corruption and red tape. Though several analysts and liberal journalists have gone into panic mode, the complete rout of opposition is just what the doctor ordered for the country. If they have to survive, they need to forget the old, corrupt ways and adapt to the new unforgiving landscape.  Till they are able to do it, Modi would have fewer obstacles in his quest to resurrect India.
– Arun Kumar.
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What’s So Special about D-Mart?

Radhakishan Damani.pngThe latest blockbuster to hit Indian stock markets is not any hi-tech start-up with a whole new disruptive technology. It’s a retail chain called Avenue Supermarts, promoted by one of India’s well known investors Radhakishan Damani.  Upon listing on the 21st March, the shares of Avenue Supermarts, which owns and operates the retail stores, had beaten all other retail chains in the world like the Tesco, Costco and Walmart.

From the issue price of 299, the stock saw over 100% gains on the listing day itself, catapulting its founder Damani into the top 20 richest Indians, overtaking even Anil Ambani. Even after two weeks after listing, the buying interest in the stock hasn’t abated even a little. Many are wondering what’s so special about a company which runs another chain of retail stores in the already crowded marketplace with big names such as Reliance Retail, Future Group, Tatas and Birlas ! The answer may lie in the way D-Mart has carefully avoided the mistakes committed by the others.

There are several factors where D-Mart has successfully minimized the risks. One of the major factors observed by analysts is that it owns most of the properties, reducing lease-rental costs. Another, probably the most important, is that D-Mart has avoided rapid expansion in its initial years, and stuck to sales of fast moving goods, which allowed it to maintain a healthy balance sheet.  With its operating expertise and dedicated customer base which keeps returning for the attractive discounts, D-Mart has been highly profitable compared to other retail chains. In fact, its compounded growth rate in last 3 years has been a phenomenal 35 % while big names worldwide struggle to achieve the double digit mark.

D-MartThough there is consensus among experts that Avenue Supermarts will be able to sustain its profitability and growth rate, they caution investors against rushing to buy at these astronomical valuations and suggest waiting for some dips, especially for those who haven’t been lucky to get IPO allotments.

– Arun kumar.

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Bengaluru Gets Pink Hoysalas for Women Safety

Bengaluru women can heave a sigh of relief, as the state govt finally seems to have woken up to the deteriorating law and order situation in the city, especially considering women’s safety.
A fleet of pink Hoysala patrolling vehicles aimed at improving women’s safety were launched launched earlier this week by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah in Bengaluru. These pink vehicles, armed with GPS and cameras will be deployed at sensitive locations with three women staff in each. Aimed as an emergency response team these would help people in distress through the ‘Suraksha’ App or whenever complaint are received through police control room.
Bengaluru Police believes that in addition to the existing fleet of over 200 Hoysalas used for general patrolling, the new 24/7 pink patrol would add moral support to women. However, there may not be any net addition to the overall patrol vehicles as the new ones are said to be replacing old ‘Abhaya’ vehicles.
Arun Kumar.
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Oprah winfreys powerful words:

Media  giant Oprah winfrey is well known  for her award winning talk show “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. the most watched host of the show on television, which aired for 25 seasons from 1986 to 2011. She is one of the most popular Americans and also ranked as the richest African- American of the 20th century. As a black women, her popularity broke all the records. She is a philanthropist, She ruled millions of heart for her work and philanthropy. Her opinion, views and words are followed by her fans to such an extent they started calling it as” The Oprah effect “.

Oprah winfreys 1.jpg

Oprah Winfreys

Through  hard work  and perseverance she became media mogul and international idol for hope and success. She was born into poverty  to the unwed teen and was  sexually abused, but her hard work and determination made her way towards the success and worlds only black billionaire of the 20th century. Her show aired all most on  hundred channels across the country and has broken all records and proved to be one of the best female talk show. Apart of her show she is an American media proprietor,  actress, producer and publisher and philanthropist.

                           Oprah winfrey is one of the most influential women in the world, and here are some of her powerful words on success.

  1. ” Don’t worry about being successful but work toward being significant and success will naturally follow”.
  2. “Turn your wounds into wisdom”.
  3. “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”
  4. “One of the hardest things in life to learn are which bridges to cross and which bridges to burn.”
  5. “You can have it all. Just not all at once.”
  6. “The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work.”
  7. “Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe”.
  8. “Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.”
  9. “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.”
  10. “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you”.
  11. “With every experience, you alone are painting your own canvas, thought by thought, choice by choice.”
  12. “You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe”.
  13. “When you undervalue what you do, the world will undervalue who you are”.
  14. ” Only make decisions that support your self-image, self-esteem, and self-worth”.
  15. “Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes and dance”.
  16. ” You aren’t your past, you are probability of your future”
  17. “You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your own way can illuminate the world.”
  18. ” It makes no difference how many peaks you reach if there was no pleasure in the climb”.

Pavana santhosh

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These Inspiring quotes from Dhirubai Ambani for those who dare to dream big.!

   Dhirubai  Ambani  1  

             Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani known as Dhirubai Ambani a well known name to every Indian. The founder of Reliance Industries, the largest private limited company. started his journey with only Re 1 and at the same time he has created wealth. He did it with big dream in his mind and strong will power, and his name is etched in the top list of business tycoons in the history.

Here are some of his inspiring Quotes and powerful thoughts which will motivate you to dream big and achieve it:

  1. “If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.” –Dhirubhai Ambani
  2. “Think big, think fast, think ahead. Ideas are no one’s monopoly.” –Dhirubhai Ambani
  3. “If you’re born poor it’s not your fault but if you die poor it’s your fault.” –Dhirubhai Ambani
  4. “Our dreams have to be bigger. Our ambitions higher. Our commitment deeper. And our efforts greater.” –Dhirubhai Ambani
  5. “For those who dare to dream, there is a whole world to win!” –Dhirubhai Ambani
  6. “Pursue your goals even in the face of difficulties, and convert adversities into opportunities.” –Dhirubhai Ambani
  7. You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks. Better we keep biscuits and go.” –Dhirubhai Ambani
  8. “We cannot change our rulers, but we can change the way they rule us.” –Dhirubhai Ambani
  9. “Meeting the deadlines is not good enough, beating the deadlines is my expectation.” –Dhirubhai Ambani
  10. “Only when you dream it you can do it.” –Dhirubhai Ambani

    Dhirubai  Ambani 2

    Enter aion

  11. “Often people think opportunity is a matter of luck. I believe opportunities are all around us. Some seize it. Others stand and let it pass by.” –Dhirubhai Ambani
  12. “A vision has to be within reach not in the air. It has to be achievable.” –Dhirubhai Ambani
  13. “I am deaf to the word ‘no’.” –Dhirubhai Ambani
  14. “Challenge negative forces with hope, self-confidence and conviction. I believe that ambition and initiative will ultimately triumph.” –Dhirubhai Ambani
  15. “Reliance’s success is a reflection of India’s capabilities, the talent of her people and the potential of her entrepreneurs, engineers, managers, and workers.” –Dhirubhai Ambani 

– Pavana santhosh

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7 Benefits of drinking coconut water..!

Coconut water  is natural nutrient rich isotonic drink. During summer it is an alternative to aerated beverages, In fact Coconut water contains a unique combination of vitamin C, Vitamin B, calcium, micro nutrients and good source of dietary fibres that are exceptionally  beneficial  to your health. This low calorie drink is naturally fat free and contains more potassium than three bananas. Consumption of this water will hydrate you  and also will help you to feel full for longer  and it will effectively leads you to eat less. It has some really surprising benefits  to over all your health . here are some un deniable health benefits of coconut water.


Reduces Bloating:  Bloating is  a condition in which u feel uncomfortably full and generally  a gas related problem causes due to high intake of sodium. Bloating is a common complaint among both adults and children. By consuming coconut water on a regular basis it can be cured effectively, since coconut  water contains high amount of potassium which helps  counteract the effect of sodium.

For your Heart health: Coconut water is completely cholesterol free, fat free, low in carbohydrates as well as controls hypertension lowering cholesterol levels and protecting heart. For a healthy heart along with the nutritional food and exercise you can add coconut water to the list.

Prevents  kidney stone.: One of the best benefits of coconut water is, it prevents kidney stones. Kidney stone causes lot of pain and it happens due to lot of factors, it happens when there is accumulation of crystals in your kidney which should be flushed out through urine. drinking coconut water reduces the amount of crystal that is deposited in kidney and significantly reduces the occurrences of it. So make an habit of consuming coconut water on a regular basis and help your kidney to flush out all toxins.

For muscle cramp and bone strength: Daily intake of coconut water strengthens your bone because coconut water contains significant amount of calcium which is necessary  for healthy bone. Potassium deficiency can cause muscle wingding, diet rich in potassium makes your muscle stay perfect. Coconut water having more potassium is perfect for those suffering from muscle cramp and including it into to your daily diet will gradually helps to overcome  from the suffering of muscle spasm.

For de hydration: Coconut water retains the body’s  fluids level, since it contains high water content and rich in nutrients helps replenish your body.

For weight loss: coconut water 99% fat free which is low in carbohydrates, does not have high sugar content and rich source of dietary fiber which keeps you fuller for long time helps you to lose weight effectively. if you are on your weight loss regimen then include coconut water to your diet chart, and enjoy the benefits.

For glowing skin anti aging skin: drinking coconut water hydrates your skin making it more youthful and supple. The antioxidants and cytokinins present in this drink have an age defying effects. you can even apply coconut water to your skin to get that awful skin.

Sip on coconut water or include it on your daily diet and enjoy the benefits of it.

-Pavana santhosh


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Super COOL food for HOT summer..!!


Summer seems to completely draining us out.  your body can get heat up during the summer season due to the exposure to the scorching sun rays. Many of us feel dehydrated and low on energy in such climate and its quiet common that we look  for the way to cool ourselves. All we need is cooling food which balances our diet and keeps our energy level stable. on the top of drinking water, eating fresh fruit and drinking fresh juice will help your body to get energy and hydration. Here are the  best cooling fruits and drink for this hot summer.

Coconut water:  There are so many benefits of coconut water in summer. you will feel refreshed when you sip on some coconut water on a sweaty summer.    It has wonderful cooling properties. it is filled with essential minerals like zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium etc. which will help your body hydrated and also quenches your thirst.

Butter milk:
One of the best and healthy drink served in hot summer. It is made from fresh yogurt. you can make it according to your taste like salty, sweet or spicy. it helps you to overcome from dehydration problem. It is best drink to serve chilled all time in this hot summer.recipies hubs.jpg

Pomegranate juice: Fresh pomegranate juice further mixed with few drops of almond oil, sipping it every morning controls your body heat. this is one among the best drink which is proffered by  many individuals of all age groups.

Are cucumbers good for youLime water: Beat the heat with  lime water. it is not only refreshing, it also has lot of health benefits. you can have it sweet, or salted. Along with quenching your thirst lime water boosts your energy and rehydrates you. have it chilled.

Cucumber: This crunchy vegetables has lots of fiber in it and helps you to stay cool. you can have it by making vegetable salad and also you can make cool cucumber lemonade,  have it chilled an beat the summer heat.

pineapple-juice-.jpgPineapple: Pineapple provides a good mix of vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes that can protect our body against inflammation. you can have this  as fruit salad combining with other cooling vegetable like cucumber, or can make tasty, chilled pineapple smoothie and consume it.

4240909-juiceOranges: Orange are the best fruit to get relief from scorching heat of hot summer, just squeeze and quench your thirst. Orange contains 80%  water and they will keep you energized and hydrated.

Water melon: water melon is undoubtedly the most thirst quenching fruit by nature. It is a refreshing choice during the hot summer and keeps you going. It can be eaten simply by cutting into slices or you can enjoy as fruit salad. This delicious fruit can do wonders for your health and improve the functions of your body.
– Pavana Santhosh

*Image Courtesy by Google.

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Red Wine for Flawless skin.!

Woman’s best beauty accessory is flawless, slowing skin. Red wine can make your skin attractive, fairer, glowing and younger in a matter of few days. it repairs the skin cells and heals damaged skin. Red wine can help transform a dull complexion to its natural glow. Red wine is rich in antioxidant helps prevent cell oxidation that ages skin. You can get the pinkish glow by using red wine since fruit acid present in red wine improve the blood flow to the skin. Use red wine  to make your skin more healthy and youthful. You can use red wine on your face in many ways such as, as a facial massage, as a face mask, skin toner etc..


Here is how you can use red wine on your skin.

Red Wine Facial for  younger skin: 

Mix 3 table spoon of red wine with 1 tablespoon of essential oil of your choice, massage it on your skin, followed by scrubbing and steaming, apply the facial ingredients on your skin and let it sit for 15 minutes and rinse your face with cold water.

Red wine for wrinkle free skin:ilovesbd

For a wrinkle free skin take 1 tablespoon of red wine and 2 tablespoon of multhani mitti with 3 drops of rose water, and make a paste. Apply this paste on your face and let this paste sit for 15 minutes. Wash your face with cold water.

Red wine for polished skin:

Take 2 teaspoon of curds and three spoon of red wine, apply it all over your face. Leave this mask on your face for 10 minutes, and wash your face with warm water.

Red wine for glowing skin:

lovecoffemiraclesPour red wine in to ice tray and keep it in freezer to make ice cubes. Rub the ice cubes on your face for 5 minutes to get instant glow in your skin.

Red wine for fairer skin:

To get fair skin take 4 tablespoon of red wine, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of sugar cane powder and 1 egg white, mix all the ingredients and make a face pack. Apply this pack on your face and neck and let it sit for 10 minutes. Wash your face with warm water.

– Pavana santhosh

Image courtesy – Google Images.

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7 Hair Washing MISTAKES that you should Know.

Every girls Dream is to have thick, long, and healthy locks. to achieve that you might have done everything, from oiling to eating hair friendly food, spending huge money over the product which claims to provide you long, shiny and healthy locks. but still you feel that your dream of showing off those locks is not turning in to reality.  if you have done so much, still you are not getting the desired result, then it’s time to check. you must be doing wrong in your hair care routine. most common mistake that you commit in your hair care regimen is HAIR WASH.
Rinsing hair with sweltering water
oops you love to rinse your hair with hot water ? and who doesn’t like to pipe a hot shower  after long  tempestuous schedule. but too hot dries out your scalp and hair and then your hair looks dry and lifeless. Instead of hot water you can try lukewarm wash as that will opens up your hair cuticles and maximizes the effect of your shampoo and conditioner.  at the end of your hair wash regimen rinse your hair with cool water as it will help to close hair cuticle,  retains the moisture and for the overall health of your hair.
Love to use more shampoo
If your shampoo is not producing much lather it doesn’t mean that it’s not doing its job. too much foam can actually prevent your shampoo from working its deep cleaning tact, as it will strip the moisture from your hair and may lead to dryness as well as roughness. Never fallow rinse and repeat technique every time you wash. second round of hair wash with shampoo is a BIG NO, it will really cause your hair to lose its moisture and leads to dull, lifeless, and dry hair. Unless  you have oiled your hair or if it is dirty, shampooing once is more than enough. and if you need a second wash use small amount of shampoo.
Not using conditioner
After shampoo many people doesn’t  fallow this step of using conditioner , especially women with straight hair. Your scalp will regain its natural oils which it stripped off while shampooing after short while. but your hair ends will get dry. So for this reason you need conditioner. First  apply the conditioner at the very bottom of your hair then move till the mid shaft. Conditioner on the other hand meant  to moisturize. And many people apply conditioner to the scalp which  leads to greasiness and weighed down hair. So if you’re not using the conditioner start using it, and if you have a habit of applying conditioner to your scalp stop it right now.
Using too many products
Experimenting at the cost of your hair by using too many products. of course with so many hair care products available in the market, its natural you get confused and you will try many different products. In fact many women feel that their shampoo become less effective after using it for a couple of time , hair texture undergoes change with a change in season. keeping this thing in your mind u must use the right hair care product according to your hair type  instead of trying everything which interests you, and as a result you will end up with damage hair.
Washing hair every day.

Many experts suggests that you should wash your hair only after two or three days, and many says you should wash your hair daily, but it can be just a good suggestion! After all you are the best judge and you know your hair type, if your scalp turns greasy despite shampooing you can wash it next day if not after a day or two, so wash your hair whenever you need.
Rubbing too hard
Avoid rubbing while lathering up your shampoo, because wet hair is weak and prone to breaking, so be gentle rather than rubbing vigorously.
Using Drier to dry hair
Many people use blow drier to dry hair too often, but it’s a BAD  idea. Once you have rinsed your hair just run your finger through your hair from scalp to the end and squeeze the excess water, use a clean and dry towel and pat the hair at the scalp to retain the moisture and further dry the hair. never use drier to dry your hair, it will damage your hair and makes it dry and brittle, unless you have some urgency, that too once in a while by using heat protector spray.
If you have been committing these mistakes then it’s time to stop. Transform your dull damaged stands into sexy, stunning locks, by avoiding these hair washing mistakes.
*Image courtesy: Google Images


-Pavana santhosh

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Time to Check your BRA size..!!

bra3Lingerie is important part of daily wardrobe. although it is not perceptible but it does boost your confidence and comfort immensely. For every women Bra is an essential attire as it has a great impact on the fitting of her clothes. No matter how expensive outfit  you are wearing, a wrong bra can spoil your entire look. Therefore you need some good bra to give you maximum comfort along with the best fit, so that you can feel and look confident from within.

Now the question is what do you mean by good Bra?  is it brand, design, color….? of course it does matter, but above all it is the size of your bra, yes the perfect size.  A good bra is like a good pair of shoes, yes a shoes that doesn’t fit right can throw off your entire ensemble.

Believe it or not, at least 80%  of women doesn’t wear right sized bra! So isn’t it is important to know the importance of wearing right sized bra? let’s find out

Most women wear a bra which is too large in back and cups are too small through which your breasts tend to poke out from sides or front of the cups;

right-size-braThe band of your bra below the cups which goes around your back kneads the sides creating grooves and deep marks. Elastic deep grooves on your shoulders, The wires prick the breast or the rib coop.

If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned point, it’s time to check your bra size.

The cups and the band are the two parts of brassiere. The number depict the band size and the alphabet represent the cup size like 32B or 34C.So these are two important things which you must keep in your mind. Lets learn how to do it so you can figure out your own dimension. all you need a measuring tape .now let’s get down to work.

Measuring Band size.!

measure-band-sizeTake a measuring tape and measure below the bust, don’t inhale and expand your rib cage, the tape should always have a snug fit with body part .

Measure all the way around your body placing the tape measure right beneath your breasts. if your measurement is an even number add four to that number, and if you get odd number, then round of to the next even number. That’s your band size.

For example -31 becomes 32 and the band size will 32+4=36.

Measuring Cup-size

Place the tape across the fullest area of your breast without pulling tight. Make sure the tape measure goes your entire back.

write down that number, this is the bust size, if you get the odd number then round off to the next even number. now subtract the number from your band size, and that will indicate  your appropriate cup size.


For Example  bust size – band size = cup size.     38 -36 = 2 , hence the cup size would B

Based on fallowing guide.





I hope this article is useful, well different dress requires different  inner wear, for example when you wear t-shirt you must go for t shirt bra, or when you go for party wearing halter tops then you should go for convertible bra that has adjustable straps,  but the size is the most important thing, so never forget to get the right sized bra as it is an essential part of your look and comfort.

– Pavana Santhosh

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