7 Hair Washing MISTAKES that you should Know.

Every girls Dream is to have thick, long, and healthy locks. to achieve that you might have done everything, from oiling to eating hair friendly food, spending huge money over the product which claims to provide you long, shiny and healthy locks. but still you feel that your dream of showing off those locks is not turning in to reality.  if you have done so much, still you are not getting the desired result, then it’s time to check. you must be doing wrong in your hair care routine. most common mistake that you commit in your hair care regimen is HAIR WASH.
Rinsing hair with sweltering water
oops you love to rinse your hair with hot water ? and who doesn’t like to pipe a hot shower  after long  tempestuous schedule. but too hot dries out your scalp and hair and then your hair looks dry and lifeless. Instead of hot water you can try lukewarm wash as that will opens up your hair cuticles and maximizes the effect of your shampoo and conditioner.  at the end of your hair wash regimen rinse your hair with cool water as it will help to close hair cuticle,  retains the moisture and for the overall health of your hair.
Love to use more shampoo
If your shampoo is not producing much lather it doesn’t mean that it’s not doing its job. too much foam can actually prevent your shampoo from working its deep cleaning tact, as it will strip the moisture from your hair and may lead to dryness as well as roughness. Never fallow rinse and repeat technique every time you wash. second round of hair wash with shampoo is a BIG NO, it will really cause your hair to lose its moisture and leads to dull, lifeless, and dry hair. Unless  you have oiled your hair or if it is dirty, shampooing once is more than enough. and if you need a second wash use small amount of shampoo.
Not using conditioner
After shampoo many people doesn’t  fallow this step of using conditioner , especially women with straight hair. Your scalp will regain its natural oils which it stripped off while shampooing after short while. but your hair ends will get dry. So for this reason you need conditioner. First  apply the conditioner at the very bottom of your hair then move till the mid shaft. Conditioner on the other hand meant  to moisturize. And many people apply conditioner to the scalp which  leads to greasiness and weighed down hair. So if you’re not using the conditioner start using it, and if you have a habit of applying conditioner to your scalp stop it right now.
Using too many products
Experimenting at the cost of your hair by using too many products. of course with so many hair care products available in the market, its natural you get confused and you will try many different products. In fact many women feel that their shampoo become less effective after using it for a couple of time , hair texture undergoes change with a change in season. keeping this thing in your mind u must use the right hair care product according to your hair type  instead of trying everything which interests you, and as a result you will end up with damage hair.
Washing hair every day.

Many experts suggests that you should wash your hair only after two or three days, and many says you should wash your hair daily, but it can be just a good suggestion! After all you are the best judge and you know your hair type, if your scalp turns greasy despite shampooing you can wash it next day if not after a day or two, so wash your hair whenever you need.
Rubbing too hard
Avoid rubbing while lathering up your shampoo, because wet hair is weak and prone to breaking, so be gentle rather than rubbing vigorously.
Using Drier to dry hair
Many people use blow drier to dry hair too often, but it’s a BAD  idea. Once you have rinsed your hair just run your finger through your hair from scalp to the end and squeeze the excess water, use a clean and dry towel and pat the hair at the scalp to retain the moisture and further dry the hair. never use drier to dry your hair, it will damage your hair and makes it dry and brittle, unless you have some urgency, that too once in a while by using heat protector spray.
If you have been committing these mistakes then it’s time to stop. Transform your dull damaged stands into sexy, stunning locks, by avoiding these hair washing mistakes.
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-Pavana santhosh


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