Time to Check your BRA size..!!

bra3Lingerie is important part of daily wardrobe. although it is not perceptible but it does boost your confidence and comfort immensely. For every women Bra is an essential attire as it has a great impact on the fitting of her clothes. No matter how expensive outfit  you are wearing, a wrong bra can spoil your entire look. Therefore you need some good bra to give you maximum comfort along with the best fit, so that you can feel and look confident from within.

Now the question is what do you mean by good Bra?  is it brand, design, color….? of course it does matter, but above all it is the size of your bra, yes the perfect size.  A good bra is like a good pair of shoes, yes a shoes that doesn’t fit right can throw off your entire ensemble.

Believe it or not, at least 80%  of women doesn’t wear right sized bra! So isn’t it is important to know the importance of wearing right sized bra? let’s find out

Most women wear a bra which is too large in back and cups are too small through which your breasts tend to poke out from sides or front of the cups;

right-size-braThe band of your bra below the cups which goes around your back kneads the sides creating grooves and deep marks. Elastic deep grooves on your shoulders, The wires prick the breast or the rib coop.

If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned point, it’s time to check your bra size.

The cups and the band are the two parts of brassiere. The number depict the band size and the alphabet represent the cup size like 32B or 34C.So these are two important things which you must keep in your mind. Lets learn how to do it so you can figure out your own dimension. all you need a measuring tape .now let’s get down to work.

Measuring Band size.!

measure-band-sizeTake a measuring tape and measure below the bust, don’t inhale and expand your rib cage, the tape should always have a snug fit with body part .

Measure all the way around your body placing the tape measure right beneath your breasts. if your measurement is an even number add four to that number, and if you get odd number, then round of to the next even number. That’s your band size.

For example -31 becomes 32 and the band size will 32+4=36.

Measuring Cup-size

Place the tape across the fullest area of your breast without pulling tight. Make sure the tape measure goes your entire back.

write down that number, this is the bust size, if you get the odd number then round off to the next even number. now subtract the number from your band size, and that will indicate  your appropriate cup size.


For Example  bust size – band size = cup size.     38 -36 = 2 , hence the cup size would B

Based on fallowing guide.





I hope this article is useful, well different dress requires different  inner wear, for example when you wear t-shirt you must go for t shirt bra, or when you go for party wearing halter tops then you should go for convertible bra that has adjustable straps,  but the size is the most important thing, so never forget to get the right sized bra as it is an essential part of your look and comfort.

– Pavana Santhosh


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