About US:

“Drusti” means the way in which one looks at the world; this can also be called as a particular outlook.  Drusti looks into society not with compartmentalized structure, but holistically. In other words, from Drusti’s point of view, different stake holders will have to play an active role to bring convergence, complimentary fort, the overall development of the society and nations. The different stake holders implies vast masses of poor, marginalized different civil society organizations, the government department, and the governments, the elected representative bodies, the corporate sector, and the political parties.

Nirantara Drusti – for better tomorrow “which aims present to all the people, which contains the matters as such of  Education, Social Awareness, Developments, Current Affairs, Health Tips, The Achievement of Non Government Organization, Business, Entertainment & Many more.

In this publication, we love to present our debate in English and Kannada. This publication is opening its eye with the aim to create a new revolutionary in the world of media.

Editor,Owner & Publisher – Santhosh kodenkeri

The basic purpose of DRUSTI is to reach the common people in a very effective way i.e.“VISUAL MEDIA” .

We are;

Drusti Media & Film Productions

Drusti’s Nirantara drusti

Drusti Printing & Publishing

Drusti Vision for better tomorrow NGO



These are only our views and are not connected with any issues of the world.

Send your feed back, comments and  Articles to;

drustimedia@gmail.com; santhosh.kodenkeri@gmail.com

santhosh kodenkeri in Kasthuri TV interview.



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  1. keshav prasad says:

    hi, i saw your paper. very fine.


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