Super COOL food for HOT summer..!!


Summer seems to completely draining us out.  your body can get heat up during the summer season due to the exposure to the scorching sun rays. Many of us feel dehydrated and low on energy in such climate and its quiet common that we look  for the way to cool ourselves. All we need is cooling food which balances our diet and keeps our energy level stable. on the top of drinking water, eating fresh fruit and drinking fresh juice will help your body to get energy and hydration. Here are the  best cooling fruits and drink for this hot summer.

Coconut water:  There are so many benefits of coconut water in summer. you will feel refreshed when you sip on some coconut water on a sweaty summer.    It has wonderful cooling properties. it is filled with essential minerals like zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium etc. which will help your body hydrated and also quenches your thirst.

Butter milk:
One of the best and healthy drink served in hot summer. It is made from fresh yogurt. you can make it according to your taste like salty, sweet or spicy. it helps you to overcome from dehydration problem. It is best drink to serve chilled all time in this hot summer.recipies hubs.jpg

Pomegranate juice: Fresh pomegranate juice further mixed with few drops of almond oil, sipping it every morning controls your body heat. this is one among the best drink which is proffered by  many individuals of all age groups.

Are cucumbers good for youLime water: Beat the heat with  lime water. it is not only refreshing, it also has lot of health benefits. you can have it sweet, or salted. Along with quenching your thirst lime water boosts your energy and rehydrates you. have it chilled.

Cucumber: This crunchy vegetables has lots of fiber in it and helps you to stay cool. you can have it by making vegetable salad and also you can make cool cucumber lemonade,  have it chilled an beat the summer heat.

pineapple-juice-.jpgPineapple: Pineapple provides a good mix of vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes that can protect our body against inflammation. you can have this  as fruit salad combining with other cooling vegetable like cucumber, or can make tasty, chilled pineapple smoothie and consume it.

4240909-juiceOranges: Orange are the best fruit to get relief from scorching heat of hot summer, just squeeze and quench your thirst. Orange contains 80%  water and they will keep you energized and hydrated.

Water melon: water melon is undoubtedly the most thirst quenching fruit by nature. It is a refreshing choice during the hot summer and keeps you going. It can be eaten simply by cutting into slices or you can enjoy as fruit salad. This delicious fruit can do wonders for your health and improve the functions of your body.
– Pavana Santhosh

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