How GOOD you are in Selecting your SUN FRAMES..?

What if  that pair of oversized sunglass gives you that glamorous look? but choosing sunglass that gives star look  isn’t easy. It’s not about finding sunglasses you like, it’s about how do you look with that frames?

Sunglasses_collectionIn fact there are lot of frames you might like that wont suit once you try them on. when it comes to buying a sunglass it is better to determine the shape and size of your face because it will help you find a better fitting and functional pair of sunglasses. take a look below and see which one of these categories matches your face.

Oval– If you are a person with oval face type then you are a lucky. Oval face literally looks awesome with most styles, so count yourself fortuitous  because you can really play with different styles .Cat eye sun glass Just be sure to balance the frame size with the size of your face, choose the sunglass that cover the face from the eyebrows to cheek bones.
Choose Cat eye, Round frames. Skip Extremely embellished glasses.

Round-So with round shape which has remarkable curves with less defined angles must avoid anything too round to complement your features. The eye wear should kink curved features while emphasizing sharp angular lines that will help elongate your face and your face looks thin and sharper.

Rectangular-Sunglasses-Choose Rectangular sunglasses, square shaped sunglasses, retro style sunglasses.

Skip frames that are curvy or round. Stay away from frames that are curvy or round, which will add too much curve to a full face.

Square- Square shaped faces shouldn’t go with anything which is rectangular or square because this shaped faces are characterized by broad forehead with strong jaw line. Round framesPeople who fall in this category should go for rounded lenses with thin frames or aviator styles that will help round out the sharpness of their features and adds an aura.

Choose Rounded, Oval shaped sunglasses. Avoid square shaped frames.

Diamond– These shaped faces are characterized by narrow jaw line with the cheekbones. Diamond shapes often get away with different types of frames.  diamond  faces should avoid wider frames which covers the wearers cheek bones. You should use frames that feature gentle curves and compliment your wide or high cheek bones.


Choose Top heavy frames or rimless frames or frames that detailing on the brow lines that emphasize cheek bones. Skip narrow frames.

Heart- Heart shaped faces are characterized by wide forehead, thick cheek bones with narrow chin. Glasses of any shape looks awesome, but frames that feature wide lower edges, aviator eyewearrimless or partially rimless round glasses works well for this facial eye style will flatter heart shaped face.
Pick  butterfly sunglasses, Aviators, Rimless glasses.

Oblong- Oblong shaped faces are long and narrow with few angles. they work well with over sized glasses. Rectangular lenses and sunglasses with thick frames adds width to a long face. People with this shaped faces should avoid small frames.

Choose  Square, Wayfarer and Rectangle sunglasses. Skip Small frames.

This is just a small guide. You never know until you try with different style that suits you. so know your face shape and find the frame that suits you and compliments you features.

– Pavana Santhosh.san2




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