What if your NAIL shape tells YOUR Personality..!

It is said Face is the index of mind like that what if the shape of your finger reveals the nature of yours? A recent personality diagnosis trend in Japan suggests that shape of your nails could reveal lot about your personality. here is an interesting personality quiz which actually tells you about yourself. it is very simple, look at your finger nails and try to squelch what shape they have.

If you are unable to find your exact shape then choose the one which is closest to what you have. this is can be a simple test of your personality based on your nail shape but funny.

What if your NAIL shape tells YOUR Personality..!What if your NAIL shape tells YOUR Personality..!


Looking in to the shape of nails the expert reader can unnoticeably observe all characteristics of a person through once nails. so just go through the article.

This may exactly not give you all the details, but we recommend you to try it for some fun. Have a look at this article and know what your nails say about your character.

Wide and Flat Nails

People with this nail type are trust worthy and known as a reliable person who always thinks and acts. people often turns to you for your advice and suggestion. and no doubt you have a clear mind and you are analytical. creating new things and having your hard work pay off is something which you love. you value usefulness over beauty.

 Long and Rectangular Shape

With this nail shape you can be described as a person who is very outspoken, sociable, and communicative. you like to meet new faces and love to expand your world by welcoming new experiences. you are accurate and detailed and you provide optimal solution to any problem and examine situation and problems from every angle and vie to do the right thing.


Nail Shapes

Uneven And Short Nails

People with this nail shape are empathetic, sensitive, observant, and insightful. You are soft and emotional from within which people fail to notice. you choose your friends carefully.

Short and  Round Nails

People with this shape of nails are more creative and energetic. you love fun and excitement and promulgate it that’s the reason people like your company. you are loyal to your friends and you may go to any extend to protect the people you love. you are filled with positive thoughts and attitude, at the same time you are stubborn and you know what you want. when you are set your mind to do something you never back down.

Triangular Nails

Person with triangular nails are determined , brave and passionate. they believe in work smart not hard policy, and the smartness pays off well.

Large and Rectangular Nails

You are a persistent, you have a good leadership quality, people count on you as you are a responsible person. you are a hard worker and love to be with great company.

Oval And Long Nails

If your nail shape is this then you are a highly creative and imaginary person. you are someone who gets inspiration from natural world. you work on a well based time table and like to follow the rules and schedules as defined. you love to love and give it with all your heart. you put your whole self into what you do and it shows.

Sword-Shaped Nails

You are very ambitious, colourful, vibrant and never hesitate to achieve your goals. You can’t deal with lazy people and are very relaxed in nature, and people always turn to you, when you are looking for a good time.

-Pavana Santhosh


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