Eve teasing ? fight back !

Riana a sixteen year old school girl was on her way back to home from tuition class,she found some boys sitting on compound wall  passed comments on her, also made some gestures but she ignored it and moved further, next day  finishing tuition class along with her companions she was returning to home, again she found the same guys on the compound wall, and they started passing comments on them, and even started fallowing them, Riana could not tolerate it and lost her patience, turned back started shouting at them and also she called  some other people to help her since it was a residential area,  people residing over there came for her help and they caught those guys and handed over them to police…from then there were no guys to irritate them saya riana…she even adds that if u keep quiet on such incidents u will have to face it everyday and it may turn into  serious crime, if u raise your voice against such heneus act at earliest  u may stop some serious crime which may occur in future.

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Poornima nagesh a public lecturer in a private college, who takes public transport to travell everyday . She tells its common that u come across such incidents,  u get to meet such people every day either in bus, bus stop, some times when u walk lon on street.either u should ignore them or u must raise voice against such people and take necessary action against such people. she even adds such incidents will not only disturbs u emotional it will effect your personal life too.

Jawaharlal Neharu said” to awaken the people it is the women who must be awakened,once she is on move the family moves the village moves, the nation moves”. An educated and aware women can by herself fight back the evil act of eve teasing.




The term eveteasing is used to refer  sexual harrasment of women in public places such as the streets, public transportation, parks, beaches, and cinema halls. This type of a public harrasment by a lone man or group of women includes such as making passes or unwelcome sexual jokes, nonverbal assaults such as showing obscene gestures ,winking,whisiling,  staring and phisichal assault such as pinching,fondling and rubbing agianst women in public place. Eve teasing  is a euphemism for sexual harrasment.it sounds like a romantic overture but it can range from abscenities and gestures to grabbing and physical assault .in common eveteasing and sexual harrasment refers to a molestation of women by men. Working women ,college going girls even school going girls, sometimes aged women are subject to the evil called eveteasing and sexual harassment.

Recent survey reveals approximately 90% of college going girls are subjest to eveteasing and have experienced  sexual harrasment in some form or shape.above all  it is estimated out of 1000 cases, 1 such occurences are reported to plice. Women have stated that sexual harrasment in public place has effected their personal life, education and career too.

Increasingly large number of  women taking public transport have resorted to carrying pins, pen knives and even beggars as a deterrent, many has taken self defense classes.

Any one can be subject to sexual harassment anywhere and anytime. Most of the time in majority it happens to women but some times men can be victim.

It is the same old story every day which you get to deal with, you just step out of your house with the intention to reach the office at the earliest and u reach to the bus stop where u find group of men standing at corner tea stall burst in to a laughter you  just pretend to not to hear, while waiting to the bus u find an auto and just get into the auto to avoid those men u will see auto driver adjusting his mirror to get better look at u and u just sit with your hand bags and shawl close to your chest and u just avoid eye contact with him through the journey..no girls could say most of the women spared from being victim of eve teasing and this is a harsh fact of this world. Even if u are bold, tough  and easy going   such incident disturbs u to the core, becoz u are  a women… One place where it happens with alarming frequency is on the road, the streets. Eve teasing is misbehavior in youth. It’s a form of sexual assault and ranges from sexually indicative remarks, catcalls, brushing in public places to totally checking you out.

Now a days news paper or news channel shows u so many incidents against women.eve teasing is a huge issue in many metropolitan cities of india..Indian women have faced or  still facing such horrifying menace, there are many instances where girls  are being harrased. Which sometimes may lead to serious psychological problems and even up to commiting suicide.. women, should empower ourselves to fight back, its time  get up and raise your voice. Although, you can always pretend to ignore all the lewd comments but things would be much better if you can just look straight into the eyes of the offender and speak.

Every citizen in this country has right to live with dignity and honur, which is a fundamentsl right guranteed ubder article 21 of the constitution of india.in fact eve teasing of a women amounts to the voilation of rights guaranteed under article 14,15 as well. In case of eve teasing normally complaints are registered under section 294, 354 and section 509 IPC, shall be punished with ipmrisonment for a term which may extent from three months to two year with or without fine.

There is a necessity of proper legislation to curb eve teasing. Eve teasing is a wrong against the honor, dignity and self respect of a women.

No to Eve teasing

Don’t let eve teasing deprive your life, u have all the right to live with respect and dignity, after all its your basic human right.

-Pavana Santhosh


About Drusti

Drusti-vision for better tomorrow, a new born organization, aims at providing new perspective and path to the youth to see “LIGHT” in the dark environment. Since these days visual media has lot of impact, both positive and negative, Drusti’s aim is to create a positive impact on youth, who generally are clueless regarding their future,therefore want to show a bright future through enabling the youth to see new life.
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