Inter caste Marriages.

Marriages are made in heaven. This is a well known saying. When two people meet and their marriage is solemnized, it is believed that this is the wish of god.

Marriage is a sacred institution which binds both the woman and man in a pious relation. It gives this relation a meaning. When a marriage takes place, two souls are united and this opens new vistas in their lives. But, human beings are so selfish that have virtually spoilt the sacredness of these relations.

Marriages in India, has always been the biggest concern for the Indian families. Lot of importance is given to the sir name carried by the bride or the groom. In fact, the respect and dignity of a person is attached to his sir name, as in who were his ancestors and to which family name he belongs. The caste, creed and culture are the three most important elements, which are kept on the high priority list. The bride and the groom surely have to match each other’s religions, community, language, culture and region. Without matching each other’s religious and richness status, the bride and the groom are strictly not allowed to tie marriage knots with each other.
For years, Indians had an orthodox mindset. They couldn’t imagine inter caste marriages. They had a conception that marriages are only possible in the same community and caste. Talking about inter caste and inter religion marriages in India was a taboo for most people in the earlier days. However, with time, things changed and inter caste marriage also became a part of the society. Marriages are regarded as the most important social custom and hence, were viewed as the best means to remove the barrier of caste system. Today, in Indian society, though we can see inter caste marriages, but mostly it is the part of the city culture. The rural parts of the country still have a long way to go.

Customs and religions practiced were so strict and merciless that even sometimes the boy and girl were hacked to death by their own family members due to the pressures from the society. Sometimes young hearts were separated by marrying them off to other boy or girl of the same caste. This way the lovers were separated by their own relatives. There are lots of such incidents where you can find the merciless punishments inflicted by the opposition parties of the inter caste marriages.

Present Scenario:

People have realized that a successful marriage is not dependent on factors such as same caste and religion. It is on the other hand, built on the aspects of mutual understanding and compatibility. It is how well the two understand each other’s need and feel for your partner. It is not necessary that you have to belong to the same community or caste to understand your spouse better. Today, there are ample of examples when two people from totally different background and lifestyle come together and spend their entire life happy with each other, thanks to education.

Education has broadened the periphery of thinking and helped people develop analytical powers. It has not only altered their perception about life, but also about social concerns such as marriage and relationship. Inter caste and inter religion marriages serves as a beacon light for social equality. In order to break the perils of caste-system, it has becomes incumbent that there should be inter-caste marriages. Marriage is mostly dependent on true love and feeling and once this is achieved, caste and religion all becomes secondary issues.

With more globalization and increase in educational facilities, there is great change in the views of people. As modernization has affected every section of society, inter caste marriages have also received acceptance from the people in urban and modern societies. There has been wide change in the social scenario. Parents and relatives of the lovers have been coming up with more open minds with wide acceptance of marriages outside their own castes.

But in some regions which lack exposure to the education and modern society culture, things have remained unchanged. There are still oppositions by the members of different castes if they encounter any incident of inter caste marriage. These societies need some change of views so that young hearts could unite and live happily. A good relation needs understanding and devotion from boy and girl to blossom. If there are malpractices like caste system, then there will be unhealthy marital relations which increase the rate of divorces and mutual misunderstandings.

Though, most of the families in India, have started accepting their children’s conducting inter- caste marriages, but there still a huge number of people are left in the country who need to understand that there is nothing more important than the happiness of their children and they need to mould their views in accordance to the changing times and accept their children’s choices for the sake of their happy married life

Government should come forward to make such policies and rules which can encourage marriage between the members of two different castes. There should be some type of appreciation from the government so that more inter caste marriages can take place. Though government has taken many steps to improve the situation but still there is a great need to implement more measures to make the situation happier. It’s time now to join hand and support young heart to choose their life partner of their choice

–     Pavana santhosh.

The Meaning Of Marriage

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2 Responses to Inter caste Marriages.

  1. Sebastian says:

    Hi Dear Sister,
    Hope you are well, thanks for sharing this article.. A nice one!! a small note here, Government is encouraging the inter-caste marriage and the couple are eligible to get a fund near to Rs 25000 (approx) once they register their marriage and apply for this. Dont have accurate details on how one can apply for this, but for sure govt does encourages Inter-caste marriage!!

  2. Prashant says:

    Hi i am prashant 20 years old i am in love with a girl 18 years old we both loves each other but our relatives and families destroyed our love life her parents closed her collage and sent her to village i am looking for some help to build up our love and professional life also i wanted to get her back but my parents are not willing to do it and i am not financialy too much supported to do this on my own so can we both get some help? for our happy life

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