Drink Water – The Best Detoxicator..!!

water_glassToday, apart from consumption of junk food, irregular eating, lack of moderation on consumption, largely sedentary nature of work that provides little scope for expulsion of energy through hard, physical labour, the complexity that stress brings to our lives- all these ensure that digestion and absorption is severely hampered, leading to various forms of gastric trouble. Many times, the unhealthy state of affairs in our body is reflected on our face by way of break outs, pimples and acne.

The fad is then to go on a crash diet or detoxification programme that will help us shed the unwanted kilos, bring about equilibrium in the body and return it to its most natural state possible. Besides the fact that most such programmes involve huge expenditure in enrolling with professionals, they are often accompanied with side effects and repercussions, when undertaken without proper training, understanding and/or care and supervision of a professional. If you happen to be one of those people who are looking for the next best and easiest detoxification programme, look no further because water is the best, most natural, free and easily available detoxification agent.

Water- relationship with human body:

Water is by far the most wonderful natural cleansing act that not only rejuvenates but also replenishes the body, facilitating its optimal functioning; so that one can look and feel one’s best, because it is what is being reflected by the body’s health from the inside.

Two thirds of our body or more than 60 per cent of it is made up of water, which basically means that the body cannot function without an adequate quantity of the liquid. Lack of water in the body would lead to dehydration, which even in minor quantities is potentially dangerous. With no additional water intake, the body will start using up its own reserves and thereby send the signals of an emergency situation. When lack of water is indicated, the kidneys are unable to facilitate the process of purifying the blood and therefore, the workload then gets spread further to the liver and other organs of the body. When that happens, there would be external pressure on the liver and related organs that are pressed into service, which has a negative effect on the body. The heart also suffers when dehydration spreads in the body. Cells will then employ themselves with the job of extracting water from the blood stream, which leads to additional pressure on the heart, which would also prove unhealthy.

Digestive system can be harmed:

Inadequate water hampers the digestive system. Constipation and irregular bowel movements have also been attributed to consumption of water in insufficient quantities, leading to irreparable damage of the waste disposal system of the body. When we drink an insufficient quantity of water, the kidneys, instead of converting toxins into urine, will actually retain the water that was meant to be eliminated. The build up of toxins in the body can have a severely deteriorating effect on the kidneys and in turn, affect the rest of the bodily functions, even fatally in extreme cases.

Symptoms of dehydration could range from headaches, feeling of fatigue, neck and shoulder tightness, dizziness and so on.

Water primarily helps eliminate toxins from the body and performs the role of a drainage system, as it is responsible for eliminating the toxins present in the body through waste products, thus keeping it healthy. Water is also a pathway running through the body that helps maintain the systems and functions by performing the role of a transporter to ensure that the cells get their share of nutrition and the tissues receive their required amount of chemicals. It also contributes to the regulation of hormones to keep the body running in optimal condition.

We tend to consume more water in the summer because it helps to maintain the body temperature. Hence, it is useful in cooling body temperature as well as its regulation, time and again on a regular basis. Lack of exercise as well as inadequate hydration can cause the joints in the body to stiffen, leading to extreme pain on movement. Hence, consumption of lots of water is recommended to keep the joints well lubricated and in working condition.

The same would apply to the spinal cord as well, which requires additional assistance because of the way in which we tend to misuse the back and to protect it from jarring impacts. Water then forms a role not similar to a shock absorber and helps keep the fluid in the spinal cord in an optimal range and level and reduce the impact and therefore, reduce pain and further injury. Water’s role as a lubricant is greatly highlighted, especially for those who exercise excessively in order to keep the body limber, the joints flexible and to relieve muscle soreness.

water in glassWater is also considered ideal for those wishing to lose weight, as it helps to regulate our bloodstream. Water is also responsible for tracing and eliminating unnecessary fats in excess of the recommended quantity present in the body and thereby helps in weight reduction.

It is a well known fact that over 80 percent of our brain is protected by water. Hence, ensuring that the body is not dehydrated is akin to ensuring that the brain stays protected at all times. That water could be so important to our thought processes would not have been previously imagined by some people. Life cannot be sustained without water.

There is a case to support that a detox programme that involves only consumption of water on fasting has been known to cleanse and purify the body, not to mention elimination of waste and toxins from it. But precautions have to be taken, as extreme fasting that involves only water consumption over long lengths of time can also have a severely detrimental effect.

In the race to get fit, not to mention losing fat, the switch to health drinks has been dramatic. Anything that says ‘no sugar’ and something that promises to boost energy is widely in vogue.  Doctors are of the opinion that people who regularly exercise require more water. But they do not necessarily require consuming health drinks laced with electrolytes. The high energy drinks, in their expert opinion, are required only for athletes and sportsmen involved in high endurance activities. Doctors recommend that people should stick to consumption of water to nourish the body, as far as possible.

Water will also ensure better concentration, greater health and vitality and increased metabolism, resulting in reduced cellulite.


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  1. toni says:

    thanks has provided information

  2. jordan says:

    I’ve been a lifestyle educator for over three years and agree that water is ESSENTIAL to drink every day for detox purposes as well as many other purposes. But seeing the people I see, I’ve realized that almost everybody would benefit from more. I recommend detox shakes, which provides the nutrients and protein needed to maintain muscle mass (the key to longevity). I would check out http://www.nut-dyntv.com for more info on the benefits of doing a detox.

  3. Good Article.. Nice i liked it… Pretty Good info… the main part is crystal clear pics.. wow.. :)… Keep it up…

    Phalgunn Maharishi

  4. Thank you so much. It was quite and very expository all the way down. I guess you did a whole lot of work on this. Nature still is Supreme.

  5. Nice site. Thanks! I put your feed on my RSS reader!

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