Generation Gap.

“The difference of values and attitudes between one generation and another, especially between young people and their parents”

As we know the fact of life is on and after every 5 years there is a new generation stands up to compete us and that makes a generation gap. There’s a big push on to get today’s kids to exercise. These days they seem to be content to lie around house, watch television, play video games, and hang around the internet.


The generation gap is a popular term used to describe differences between people of a younger generation and their elders, the term became first popularized in western countries during 1960s described the cultural differences between young and their parents. Although some generation differences have existed throughout history, because of more rapid cultural change during the modern era. Differences between the two generations increased in comparison to previous times, particularly with respect to such matters as musical tastes, fashion, culture, and politics.  This may have been magnified by the unprecedented size of the young generation during 1960s, which gave it unprecedented power, and willingness to rebel against societal norms.

The generation gap is the constant struggle of the parents to prevent their kids from doing things that their own experiences and wisdom tell them is going to harm their kids. The kids on the other hand try constantly to prove to the parents that they are equipped to take control of their lives. Neither is wrong- they are both right in their own premise. The parents blinded by their love for the kids would rather have their own experience replace to replace the experience of their kids. Whereas, the kids are convinced that their decisions are right and are based on current situations that the parents may not necessarily be aware of. Their most common statement is “ma things are different now.”

It’s not necessary that the kids do not understand their parents love and their concern but they just think that they are in different era. Till such time we our self do not become parents and get to the same pedestal we do not realize. For instance when parents especially when they are driving may be reckless and if we make some comment on that you can hear only one beautiful phrase “well I am more matured now” on the other hand if you tell a youngster close to that phrase you will hear “I know what I am doing.”

The elders are more critical of the younger generation with a big inventory of complaints against the young and the young mostly tend to ignore the grumbling, mumbling and occasional loud protestation of the older generation. But now and then they do protest. They reset the petting attitude of the elders.

The generation gap however is a deeper madly than viewed superficially. There may be the following differences between the old and the young.

  1. Ideas on general conduct comprising dress, food habits etc.
  2. morality, marriage and career
  3. of tastes on art, music, literature, and in short total outlook
  4. Biological evolutionary difference.

generation gap1

It is generally observed that the old behave like a frog in the well. They are fully convinced that the ideas that they have had throughout their lives are the ultimate and ideal factors that are no longer valid in the case of modernity. There always has been generation gap since the dawn of civilization. The young always deviated from the older standard and it was well that they did or there wouldn’t have been any progress today.


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Drusti-vision for better tomorrow, a new born organization, aims at providing new perspective and path to the youth to see “LIGHT” in the dark environment. Since these days visual media has lot of impact, both positive and negative, Drusti’s aim is to create a positive impact on youth, who generally are clueless regarding their future,therefore want to show a bright future through enabling the youth to see new life.
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