Talk with Archana galrani…

3copiesArchana the young actress has turned into a sizzling hot babe in the recent times. Her kannda movies like “Ganda hendathi” and “Autograph please” has carved place for her in the south Indian film industry. Now she is busy with Telugu and Tamil movies.

The private side of show town’s darling archana galrani in her own words…

At 16 I started modeling just for fun, with small, modeling assignment, along with that I have done couple of ramp shows and some ads and out of that nomarc was really a big hit you know………

Since I wasn’t from film back ground there were a whole lot of doubts in my mind initially. Honestly speaking there was a friend of mine who was in this field who introduced me to this colorful world…….I could not think of being feminized and it’s Mr. Ravishrivatsa who introduced me officially to this field.ganda hendati got me a lot of praise, and it also got me many offers. Now I am completely focused. After the first break of ganda hendathi I got offer from telugu film industry, and bujjigadu was my debut movie in telugu with small role but of course after that every day of my shoot was really wonderful……

Oh that girl……

One thing which I feel sad is that if you are a heroin you get comments about you, and your personality. I don’t believe in making a public spectacle of myself. You get comments or you call it as a compliment, just can’t think…. One will say oh that girl is so thin and one says she is so fat, will get confused what take what not… and you will be linked up with so many even with some people which you cant imagine. Recently I have been linked up with a cricketer. I believe as an actor and a public personality you owe your life to public but there is some thing which you keep yourself.

It’s like that…

You have to love a person for his virtues, to me a perfect romance is one that has its aberration, and I would always choose real gentleman can say a real lover boy.

Just having a conversation with some one doesn’t amount to anything.virat kohili and I were good friends, we get well with each other in fact we are of same age, what’s wrong in that. But after these rumors some where he might be thinking that I am using his name and I am thinking that he is using my name and it’s like that now a days I haven’t spoke to him nor he spoke to me. Most of them admit to having conversation with one another when they are working on a movie or even otherwise.  Why the fuss? It’s just upsetting.

Men and women:

Poori jaganath is very down to earth; he is millionaire today but he is so simple and I like him lot. Trisha and I have similar personalities, we are good friends, we get along with each other. It feels good when you get to meet some who is of your similar personalities.

Must be super talented…

To be a heroin it’s not only that your look pays you but you must be super talented. There are lot of faces will get in to this field every even and then, heroins will go through tough competition but at the end of the day only four or five will survive…yes I am lucky. All I know I work damn hard for everything. And I believe in lord Krishna who helps me. I believe destiny and hard work go hand in hand…………………………………..

Just for fun!

I am here in this industry not for name, fame, glam or glitz, I am here just for fun, and its really fun that every day of your shoot you have to be there in the set 6 in the morning get ready with make up and you get to wear new clothes it is so fun but your hard work at the end of the day pays you name, fame and every thing.


Its not necessary every time, but of course if it is done in a classy way it looks glamorous way and I always suggest that one should wear on what he is comfortable. Just because you are doing a glamorous role it doesn’t mean that you are a better actor. Acting has nothing to do with being glamorous or non glamorous.

John Abram damn hot…!!!

Shoot with john for sunglass was real wonderful experience. He is damn hot, with huge soldiers very tall, he can steal any ones heart by that one look.

Three things you don’t know about me is……

I love to chat with my friend means I am very talkative.

I love to eat, especially I love chocolate.

And I love to travel long distance.

My favorites are…

I love black, blue, red and purple colors.

Love to watch all bond movies.

I listen to AR Rehamans music.

Mouth waters for Hyderabad biriyani and Italian pasta.

Like frocks to wear on parties other wise –


comfortable with banyan and jean.

I will rock you…….

I have five releases back to back at the end of May and June and I have kannda film e-sanje will release at the end of June, all my fans thank you so much for your love and accepting me, please watch my movies, looking forward to entertain you, I will rock you…..

– Pavana Santhosh


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    hot pics thank u

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