Agriculture under developing economies

As we all know agriculture is the basic platform of every civilization and agriculture helped every civilization to develop its own economic platform.

agri3In olden days people were only thinking of filling their stomach and were not concerned about their future. They were working hard and were earning their bread and for their children.

But as civilization grew, evaluation started there was quite changes in the human behavior. They started to think about their future and about stocking their earnings for future use.. this was the basic step of establishing an economy..

As the days passed, they were many revolutions, and that led to the further development in human life and his economic prowess. Under this evolution process some of the countries grew lot better than others. They started to discover new strategies of economics, they started use technologies, they started to mechanize the whole process of trade and production that further led to the development of modern industries and moreover” THEY WANTED TO EXPERIENCE BETTER LIFE”. This revolution in human era led to the birth of new classification among the nations called- developing and developed economies.

Nations so called underdeveloped/developing gave much importance to the act of agriculture rather than the industries. But agriculture had it’s own drawbacks. And more thing is” I admit, drawbacks and disadvantages are common in every field, but in agriculture it was more than any others”

Even though there is element of risk in every type of occupation they earn lot in spite of it’s disadvantage but it was not very much possible in agriculture.

Agriculture is effected by many factors such as, climatic changes, lack of technological factors, unscientific or faulty method of cultivation etc..

But agriculture is still playing major role in many developing economies (not all)For all these gains agriculture had certain good elements..

agri land

Agriculture land

Overview to Agriculture:

Agriculture has played a key role in the development of human civilization. Until the Industrial Revolution, the vast majority of the human population labored in agriculture. Development of agricultural techniques has steadily increased agricultural productivity, and the widespread diffusion of these techniques during a time period is often called an agricultural revolution. A remarkable shift in agricultural practices has occurred over the past century in response to new technologies. In particular, the Haber-Bosch method for synthesizing ammonium nitrate made the traditional practice of recycling nutrients with crop rotation and animal manure less necessary.

Importance of agriculture under developing economies:

1. Provides employment opportunity: In a country like India, agriculture or cultivation of crops provides large employment opportunity, because agricultural practices require no much educational qualifications and it can be even done by a uneducated person.

2. Provides food for all: Agriculture plays an important role in providing food for all under a developing economy. As agriculture is the source for the basic food materials, many people are depended on it.

3. Promotes industrial development by providing required raw materials (mainly for agro- based industries): One can witness huge number of agro-based industries in an developing economy. And all of these are dependent on agriculture and it needs constant supply of raw materials from agriculture. These type of industries feed many developing economies and also they help in providing employment opportunity for the people who are not very well educated.

4. Supports foreign trade: Agriculture also acts a supporting rod for the process of foreign trade mainly in underdeveloped/developing economies. As many goods are produced are based on the raw materials obtained from agriculture, this effect can be witnessed.

5. Acts as the source for national revenue: As agriculture plays a major in developing nations like India, it also serves as a major producer of nation’s total revenue. Maximum amount of national revenue is earned from agricultural sector..

6. Promotes market for industrial products: When majority of total population is depended on agriculture, their earnings will also be based on the income earned from cultivation. So the industrial goods purchased by those people will indirectly relate to agriculture.

In India , because of it’s gradual development agricultural practices are gaining no scope and this will adversely effect on nation’s total and per-capita income(as the country depends more on agriculture).. But predominance of agriculture will result no much development..!!!

– M Vishakh


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  1. Vipornta says:

    Hey, nice article, thanks.

  2. Rachelle says:

    Hey! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back often!

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