Lot can happen over a cup of coffeeeeeee!

Millions of people around the world love nothing more than to start their day with a steaming cup of coffee. The smell, the taste, the caffeine lift and the shared experience of coffee have become a staple of our modern life and culture.

cofee-steamingCoffee was first consumed in the ninth century, when it was discovered in the highlands of Ethiopia. From there, it spread to Egypt and Yemen and by 15 century, had reached Persia, turkey, and northern Africa. From the Muslim world coffee spread to Italy, then to the rest of Europe, And to Americans.

Drinking copious amounts of coffee is not harmful to your health. There is significant information available that drinking coffee has many benefits for our health and well being. And particularly if you are women, may actually protect you from many diseases.

Drinking coffee could lower women’s risk of suffering a stroke!

The study of 83000 women, revealed that woman who drank five to seven cups of coffee a week were 12% less likely to have a stroke then were those who downed just one cup a month. It looks like the positive health effects of coffee drinking come from antioxidants in the beverage which lower inflammation and improve blood vessel function.

Taking in to consideration factors such as cigarette and alcohol consumption, researchers found that healthy women who drank two to three cups of normal caffeinated coffee a day had, on average a 19% lower risk for any kind of stroke than did woman who drank less than one cup a month.

It’s warned that those with complaints such insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure and cardiac complication should be aware that coffee consumption was likely to worsen their condition.

Drinking coffee may help against heart disease….!!

Researchers from Harvard school public health studied the effect of coffee consumption on 41,736 men and 86,214 over 18 year and 24 year periods respectively.  They discovered that women who drank two to three cups of caffeinated coffee per day had a 25% lower risk of death from heart decease.  They also had an 18% lower risk of dying from an illness other than cancer or heart disease. Women who drink five to seven cups of coffee per week had a seven% lower risk of death from all causes than non drinkers.

Drinking coffee during pregnancy is it safe?

The connection between coffee and pregnancy may not be as simple as most people have always believed.

A recent study in Denmark found that women who drank more than eight cups of coffee daily during pregnancy increased their risk of miscarriage or still birth by as much as 300%. The researchers suspected that the reason may be that caffeine constricts blood vessels, meaning that less blood gets through the placenta to the developing baby. It is suggested that the caffeine in coffee may directly affect the baby. But other studies suggest that daily up to 5 cup of coffee during pregnancy is safe for your baby.  According to most of the medical expert that the pregnant women should reduce their intake of caffeine during pregnancy to about the amount found in 1 to 2 cups of coffee a day.


Millions of people around the world buy and consume coffee for many different reasons. Some need the caffeine jolt, some because of the taste in gourmet type coffees, and for some it is both a habit and a ritual. Yes in its centuries of history and tradition, it is only in recent years that people are beginning to realize coffees benefits saying that lot can happen over a cup of coffee…!

– Pavana Santhosh


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