Living after death

26-12-2004On a bright new morning after Christmas the world woke up to the greatest natural disaster in recent history. According to Washington post released on January 28, 2005 the death poll after the tsunami has risen to 221,100 people. In India 10,749 were pronounced dead, 5,460 missing, 5,554 on the Andaman and Nicobar islands. Many people were caught unawares as the tsunamis lashed into the east coast of India. People saw their own parents, grandparent’s spouses, children, brothers and sisters being swept their own eyes.

Now the biggest challenge for the government is taking care of the orphans. There are thousands of children who have been left homeless and all of them need to be secured and much non governmental organization associated with the United Nations.  People groups are coming forward to help. Temporary orphanage has also been set up. NGOs, churches, temples, and even schools are coordinating with state government to set up relief camps for all those who are displaced. The disaster left many people in a state where they cannot earn money. This is the biggest problem of lively hood. The government is providing them with food grains but they do not have utensils to cook them or storage space to keep them in.

The most serious damage has happened in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. India set up a very good rescue operation and even provided help to other countries like Sri Lanka. Amazingly animals fled to higher ground and no animals found dead. After observing the animals, tribal of the A&N islands also fled to higher grounds, consequently, hardly any tribal were killed.

tsunami 2The tsunami has been a completely new phenomenon for India and it has been a big challenge to cope with it. Now taking no more risk, India is installing a tsunami warning system to cover both the Indian and Pacific Ocean. The government plans to rehabilitate people at least 500 miles away from the coastline, in keeping with the legal requirement of the costal regulation zone.


This disaster has managed to bring the world closer. Today the whole world is donating money to help the tsunami victims. But the most pinching question is why can’t we the people, be united under normal circumstances? Why it is only fear and disaster seems to bring us closer?

– Pavana Santhosh


About Drusti

Drusti-vision for better tomorrow, a new born organization, aims at providing new perspective and path to the youth to see “LIGHT” in the dark environment. Since these days visual media has lot of impact, both positive and negative, Drusti’s aim is to create a positive impact on youth, who generally are clueless regarding their future,therefore want to show a bright future through enabling the youth to see new life.
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  1. Manad Lamaisri says:

    Dear Sir,
    We have the plan to stop global warming more easier another action plant and can make solving the citizen poverty at the same times.
    The answer is Bamboo plantation 70 million ha aroundt the world, come to talking about this matter. Do not wait Climate Change agreed , we must do immediately by all citizen of the earth. We are one.
    Best regards,
    Manad Lamaisri
    Chairman of Kingdom of Golden Bamboo.

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